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1997 Toyota Granvia

Q Prestige Selection Twin Moonroof 4WD

Now here, we have the perfect van for those wanting on & off-road capabilities with practicality and the right dose of luxury! This top-of-the-line full-time 4WD Granvia features Toyota's world renown V6 5VZ-FE gasoline engine. The limo-like exterior has an all-around body kit accentuated by new Michelin all-season tires fitted on stylish 17" wheels. Inside, you'll find leather seats, twin moonroofs, seat heaters (1st row), sonar, auto-slide door, rotating row captain's chairs (2nd row) and more! But the real show stopper is the multi-slide console which acts as storage for the 1st row, but can slide and pop open in the 2nd and 3rd rows as a table! Best of all, it comes in at only 37,000+ miles with loads of maintenance done by certified Japanese mechanics! Who says you can't have your cake and eat it your off-road vehicle!

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